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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation is a core practice area and the largest department at Stahl Cowen. We like litigation and we are very good at it (that’s what our clients say anyway).

We represent our clients in State and Federal courts and before arbitration panels in Illinois and throughout the country. We asked our clients why they return to us for their litigation needs and the reoccurring word they used was "Results." While we greatly appreciate our clients' praise, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We know that hard work, creativity and strategy are the attributes that not only will maintain excellence and results, but they are the keys to staying ahead of the curve and getting even better.

We approach every matter with a strategy up front rather than just reacting to the other side. We staff our cases efficiently, but always have the commitment to produce results. We keep our clients up to date. We work hard and are prepared. Pretty simple stuff really, but our approach leads to better and more impressive results for our clients.

We also know that many times the best victory occurs in cases that are never filed with a court at all. Taking control of a situation at the outset is key and avoiding litigation before it happens by drafting the right contract and giving the right advice early is the best service we can provide. Give us a call or send us an email. Ask us the hard questions. Ask us what we have done before and what we can do for you.

Representative Matters

Triumph in taking a shareholder dispute to verdict.  Our client valued a 50% interest in the disputed company at $2.5 million, while the opposing shareholder's expert valued that interest at $6 million.  After a bifurcated trial consisting of twelve days of testimony over two months and multiple days of arguments, the judge awarded the company to our client, valuing the other side's share at the figure we proposed, $2.5 million.  

Prevailed in two shareholder disputes, obtaining a dismissal of a six count shareholder complaint with prejudice, and obtaining permanent injunctive relief in favor of our client in another shareholder dispute.

Favorably negotiated a settlement on behalf of five employees who were sued by a former employer for breach of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements and violations of the Illinois Trade Secrets Act.  The resulting settlement agreement involved no money paid by either the individual employees or their new employer for the alleged breaches and violations, as well as minimal limitations on competition, such that the new employer may continue its sales and marketing without any material change to its overall business operation.  

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