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The Art of Settlement

  • If you’ve got a lemon you have to know how to make lemonade. There are going to be cases where the real challenge is to limit liability. In a case involving the sale of coffee beans, our opponent claimed breach of contract, misrepresentation, passing off and fraud (and attorney’s fees to boot). An aggressive defense and vigorous deposition work allowed us to turn a $2.5 million exposure into a $225,000.00 settlement. Our client was happy to write that check.
  • Sometimes the best course of action is to know when and how to make the optimal business decision. We represented a client who was clearly defrauded by a former employer. The litigation turned ugly quickly when we uncovered several misrepresentations and a scheme to hide assets from our client. The choice was clear: spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs or aggressively pursue a settlement. We went on the offensive. We filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion for Pre-Judgment Attachment, and a Motion for Sanctions. Quite simply, the ultimate settlement was rapidly agreed to and quite beneficial to our client.