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Condominium Litigation

  • We have over 20 years of experience in representing Illinois condominium associations in all aspect s of their business operations. This includes enforcing developer and contractor obligations, and obtaining injunctive relief on a wide range of matters, including rights of unit owners and Boards, and preventing unit owners from withholding assessments.
  • We represent title insurers from across the country. Using our wealth of experience in real estate and commercial litigation, we follow a pragmatic approach towards claim resolution. To name just a few of our successes, we have resolved forged title claims through well focused discovery efforts, established lien priority through the doctrine of equitable subrogation, and obtained settlement contributions and recoveries from parties involved directly or indirectly in improper real estate transactions.
  • We represented a couple who signed a contract to purchase a multi-million dollar new construction residential single-family home. The developer defaulted on the contract early on in the construction phase and ultimately went out of business. We filed a declaratory action for the return of our clients’ earnest money. Our clients went to several other attorneys for advice first and were told that they had no case and their money was lost. Through tough negotiating and an aggressive approach, we were able to get our clients a full refund of their earnest money plus interest on their money.