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About Stahl Cowen

Stahl Cowen serves the needs of businesses and individuals throughout the United States. We also serve clients internationally, with particular emphasis on India and the Pacific Rim.

Stemming from our core litigation and corporate practice areas, we handle a wide variety of legal matters, including day-to-day business operational issues, mergers and acquisitions, real estate matters of all stripes, business reorganizations, corporate and real estate financing, commercial litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, employment matters, and wealth transfers, just to name a few. We provide our clients with sophisticated legal advice coupled with a real world understanding of what is important to them and their businesses. Our approach has garnered a fiercely loyal client base. We believe that a thorough understanding of a client's business is the foundation of each attorney-client relationship.

Many of our clients, like our attorneys, came to us from large national law firms. They recognize that our size and approach gives them an advantage because we react quickly to changes in business and the law. They also recognize that our experience and abilities are the same as attorneys at the much larger firms against whom we regularly negotiate and litigate, and from which most of us came. But most of all, our clients recognize that they usually hire a lawyer, not a law firm. We earn and keep our clients' trust by appropriately staffing our matters with attorneys best-suited to deliver the results our clients demand.

Here are a few guiding principles we live by:
  • Know our clients' businesses and industries. Our lawyers take great interest in our clients' business, which results in personalized, efficient and cost-effective representation.
  • View a situation from a variety of perspectives. Our business experience proves to be beneficial for our clients, both in terms of efficient turnaround of a superior product and costs that are minimized by our lawyers' multi-disciplinary backgrounds.
  • We work as a team with our clients. This approach helps our clients learn how to spot legal issues early and avoid the often costly complications that develop when such issues are missed or ignored.

Diversity Statement

Stahl Cowen Crowley Addis LLC has the commitment to, and relevant ability successfully advocating for diversity and values of diversity. We consider alternative and diverse perspectives, to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, to remain poised under all circumstances, and to interact effectively with people in a positive manner that engenders confidence and trust.