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Practice Areas

Business Planning and Counseling

Stahl Cowen advises established businesses, as well as start-up enterprises, on legal issues affecting typical business operations; matters such as business formation and choice of entity issues; contractual arrangements with distributors, employed and independent sales personnel, and suppliers; and licensing and joint venture agreements. Our firm serves essentially as a company's general counsel, serving as advisors for all of the business's legal needs. This work often involves the full range of resources provided by our firm, including financing, tax, real estate, succession planning and dispute resolution services.

Choice of Entity
There are a variety of business structures to choose from when establishing a new enterprise, including corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and non-profit and charitable organizations. Our business group lawyers possess vast knowledge on the pros and cons of each type of organizational structure, helping our client choose an entity that is right for their business plan and goals.

Operational Issues
Companies experiencing rapid growth or decline can often lose sight of important legal priorities, particularly in the case of contracts and agreements. A company expanding rapidly typically seeks to get product to market, sometimes without taking the time to carefully assess arrangements made with suppliers, distributors or retailers. Companies experiencing an economic slowdown seek to cut costs, which sometimes includes legal counsel. In both of these instances, sound business judgment is often impaired, which can give rise to costly legal mistakes. Our business lawyers work closely with clients to ensure that no matter what level of economic prosperity a company is experiencing, their legal rights and obligations are being protected.