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Employment Law

Stahl Cowen provides its clients with a variety of services to address the challenges of today's employment relationships. We advise and direct public, private and governmental entities through the often confusing areas of state and federal employment laws and regulations. Our attorneys are well equipped to answer day-to-day questions, such as dealing with hiring and termination, through more permanent procedural developments such as the creation of effective workplace policies to prevent employer loss. Our attorneys can also provide valuable service by drafting executive or non-compete agreements as well as severance and benefit agreements. In addition, our experienced trial attorneys are available in the event litigation over employment, harassment, or other workplace disputes arise.

Employment Policies
The firm regularly advises its clients concerning creation and review employment policies. Our attorneys have drafted complete employment manuals from the beginning and have reviewed and revised numerous existing employment manuals. We are also called upon by companies and governmental entities to draft specific employment policies unique to their needs.

The policies designed by our attorneys continue to stay ahead of the ever changing area of employment law to ensure that the employment policies designed for our clients offer the maximum benefit and maximum protection available. Our attorneys also take the time to listen to the concerns and interests of each client regarding the workplace without regard to whether the client employs 5 or 500 employees. It is this attention to detail that allows us to draft policies that help clients achieve business goals while also ensuring appropriate protection from liability.

Sexual Harassment
In addition to drafting effective policies against sexual harassment, we can also provide employers with sexual harassment and sensitivity training for management and employees and further provide advice and assistance on proper investigation of complaints.

Wage and Hour
Our attorneys provide legal advice on compliance with overtime provisions and provide advice and representation regarding employee claims before the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Termination and Severance Agreements
Our attorneys provide legal advice and develop strategies for proper documentation and other protections for employers to avoid wrongful discharge claims by employees. We also draft and negotiate severance agreements when necessary to protect the employer and to avoid future liabilities.

Employment Agreements
Our attorneys provide legal advice and draft agreements regarding the employment of executives and other top level employees to ensure appropriate protection of business interests and to clearly define the role, responsibility and requirements of the executive.

HIPPA Compliance
Our attorneys provide legal advice and draft appropriate documents to ensure that employers comply with the complicated requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Our attorneys provide legal advice on hiring, firing, and the reasonable accommodation of requirements under the ADA.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Our attorneys advise and prepare or revise policies regarding compliance procedures and litigation avoidance under the FMLA. We also advise clients on the complicated interplay between issues that arise under the Family Medical Leave Act and other federal laws such as the ADA.