Tax Law
Through planning, negotiation, and creative and practical solutions to minimize taxation and maximize financial return, the tax lawyers at Stahl Cowen help clients achieve their business and financial objectives.

We advise entrepreneurs and emerging businesses on the advantages, disadvantages, and obligations of various business entities – corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, and a wide range of other structures – and guide their choices to structures that best align with their goals. In addition, we counsel a growing number of benefit corporations and nonprofit organizations on qualifications and compliance to maintain their status.

We work with mature companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs) to put together tax-advantaged acquisitions, mergers, liquidations, joint ventures, stock transfers, and other transactions, like the successful sale of a four-unit hardware and outdoor power equipment chain we handled for the owner in a deal that included both the stores and the underlying real estate, which avoided potentially significant income tax liabilities for the sellers.

Our tax lawyers provide sound judgement and technical insight to all of our clients on tax-efficient operations, tax accounting and attributes like net operating and capital loss carryforwards, and executive compensation (including the issuance of warrants, options, and restricted stock and the establishment of deferred compensation plans). We have particular strengths advising private business owners on the tax implications of their ownership structures, business operations, compensation arrangements, and succession plans.

And when our clients have disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, we help them efficiently and effectively negotiate resolutions. Clients rely upon our persuasive arguments to articulate their position and convince both the IRS and the Tax Court to issue favorable rulings.