Commercial Finance
The lawyers in Stahl Cowen's Commercial Finance practice help both borrowers and lenders turn financing into success. We work with businesses – ranging from family-run companies to national corporations and everything in between – to obtain loans for expanding product lines, acquiring companies, developing real estate projects, financing operations, and more.

In addition, our lawyers provide banks with innovative solutions that protect their interests and investments across a broad range of products and lending activity, including loans to purchase and develop real estate, acquisition financing, loans to distressed businesses and companies in bankruptcy, asset-based lending, and mezzanine loans.

The firm's business and financial institution clients alike benefit from our representation of both borrowers and lenders. We translate our knowledge of the motivations, concerns, and pressures faced by loan officers, underwriters, and closing staff into insightful context that helps corporate clients navigate bank rules and requirements and frame their stories into convincing narratives that lead to approval. For example, we recently worked with a national transportation and logistics company to rewrite its business plan, financial projections, business objectives, and overall vision and aspirations to better position the company when seeking commercial finance.

Likewise, our work for borrowers informs the advice and guidance we provide banks and other lenders, both generally – we help them identify and consider business and other issues that we have helped clients resolve – and specifically, as we negotiate and document their deals, helping them identify and resolve fraudulent conveyance and other creditors' rights concerns.

Clients appreciate the full strengths of the firm to address and quickly respond to issues – tax, corporate, disputes, and more – that may arise in the course of any given transaction. For example, we recently closed a $60+ million credit faculty on behalf of a large regional multi-family real estate developer. The project involved combining (for loan purposes) five properties containing more than 1,000 apartment units financed by a Wall Street-funded loan.