Wage Claims
As new business models and technologies redefine the traditional notions of "workplace," "workday," and "employee," Stahl Cowen's employment lawyers help employers prevent hiring classifications and termination errors, and keep up with complex federal, state, and local wage and claims statutes.

We guide clients through uncertainly caused by increased regulation and oversight of their relationship with employees, and ensure that workers – independent contractors and employees alike – are properly classified by implementing comprehensive hiring policies that eliminate misclassification and conform to regulatory guidelines. When necessary, we help employers reorganize entire workforces, like that of the telemedicine company that recently asked us to analyze and reclassify its employees and independent contractors.

We develop workplace procedures that prevent pay-practice violations, including improper overtime calculations, unpaid or missed breaks, off-the-clock work, and more, comply with federal and state laws, and minimize the risk of wage and hour claims and the harsh penalties that can accompany them.

And we zealously defend clients accused of improper practices and wage / hour violations including class and collective actions against costly litigation from both employees and governmental agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state unemployment agencies, and state and federal departments of labor. For example, we recently defended [and prevailed on appeal] a Colorado Department of Labor action, which sought to re-characterize independent contractors as employees.