Technology Litigation
The attorney's in Stahl Cowen's technology litigation practice help clients resolve a wide variety of technology-related disputes, including over internet domain names, trade secrets, sales and performance of computer hardware and software, licensing arrangements, distributorship agreements, service contracts, and more.

In one matter, we helped a computer memory supplier prepare a rapid and effective response when it learned that a competitor had copied content from its websites, had registered domain names using its business names, and was manipulating metadata. We immediately sent cease and desist letters, went to court the following day, and forced the competitor to surrender the domain names, remove its metadata, delete our client’s content from its websites, and pay our client’s attorney’s fees as part of the settlement.

We defend and advise employers that utilize biometric data in connection with hourly timekeepers when fingerprint, iris, or other data is used to confirm the identity of workers, to ensure compliance with new regulations and potential legal actions stemming from improper implementation. We provide services to entities dealing with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) breaches and help others proactively design privacy plans to mitigate against HIPAA exposure. We guide clients through cybersecurity incidents to meet statutory notification requirements and evaluate potential exposure and, when necessary, defend them in regulatory investigations.

Other recent technology litigation includes: defense of a multi-million dollar dispute arising from a conflict of terms in a Master Service Agreement and Statements of Work, defense of a company accused of joint-employer responsibility for a contractor, prosecution of a post-closing arbitration to address IT inventory deficiencies in order to obtain post-closing capital adjustments, and enforcement of a post-employment restriction upon a departed employee.