Litigation and Dispute Resolution
The litigators at Stahl Cowen resolve a wide range of disputes – involving business controversies, distressed loans, real estate claims, employment relationships, shareholder disputes, and intellectual property matters to name just a few – that otherwise would prevent our clients from meeting their business and strategic objectives.

When the stakes are high, our individual, corporate, banking, and venture capital clients know that they can count on our innovative approach, practical solutions, and timely communications to guide their decisions. We represent our clients’ interests in State and Federal trial and appellate courts, articulate their positions in alternative dispute resolution forums in Illinois and throughout the country, and guide their efforts to structure favorable resolutions through artful settlement tactics.

Clients know that we staff and manage our cases efficiently, that we are technologically astute, that we keep our clients up to date, and that we work hard and are prepared at every turn.

And they know that they can count on our litigators to resolutely advocate for their interests, both in and outside of the courtroom, and to produce impressive results.

Our dispute practice includes the following areas:

Business and Commercial Disputes

We help clients resolve complex issues that threaten business opportunities, strategic objectives, and ongoing success. Whether we are prosecuting or defending claims before State and Federal courts, representing their interests in mediation and arbitration, or negotiating creative settlements and agreements that provide remedy and closure, we work to limit risk and execute proactive strategies that help the companies we represent meet their short- and long-term goals.

Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate litigators have significant experience working with buyers, sellers, owners, and contractors to resolve disputes related to the purchase, sale, and development of real property, as well as issues related to contract performance, zoning, entitlements, code compliance, construction, mechanic's lien claims, and the like.

Financial Institution Litigation

We help our financial institution clients resolve lending and other financial business issues, both contentious and cooperative, including loan defaults and foreclosures, restructurings, bankruptcies, real estate and construction disputes, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) guidance and controversies, probate and trust issues, and breaches of contract.

Title Insurance Disputes

Our lawyers have more than four decades of collective experience helping title insurance companies and their insureds resolve claims involving competing liens, easements, quieting title, wire fraud, escrow disbursements, and encroachments, among other issues. We also represent insurers in analyzing and litigating issues concerning title insurance coverage, preserving records and assets and reducing risks associated with agent defalcations, and recovering significant funds on unsecured claims in bankruptcy and other venues.

Employment Litigation

We defend our clients in complex and disruptive employment disputes, including discrimination claims, termination disputes, breach of non-competition agreements, and theft of trade secrets. We also work with middle-market and large employers to draft and implement employment agreements, independent contractor contracts, and workplace policies and procedures that reduce the risk of potential lawsuits.

Technology Litigation

We regularly represent clients in a wide variety of technology-related disputes, including over internet domain names, trade secrets, sales and performance of computer hardware and software, licensing arrangements, distributorship agreements, service contracts, and more.

Condominium Association Litigation and Guidance

We work with condominium and homeowners' associations to manage and resolve issues with unit owners and occupants, including enforcement of rules and policies, election compliance, contract documentation and enforcement, and collection of assessments and fines through eviction actions when required.

Arbitration and Meditation

Our lawyers regularly work with clients to avoid litigation, control costs, and privately resolve commercial and contract disputes through arbitration and mediation, including before the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and private and court-appointed dispute resolution professionals.