Condominium Litigation
For more than 30 years, Stahl Cowen's lawyers have helped Illinois condominium and homeowners’ associations protect their interests and resolve disputes.

We work with them to interpret, enforce, and modify governing documents, such as condominium declarations and association by-laws. We enforce developer obligations, negotiate contracts, and ensure contractor performance. We assist with elections and, when necessary, seek injunctive relief to make sure that election procedures and voting rights are upheld.

Clients rely on our thorough and responsive communication to help them assess solutions and understand the implications of their decisions. They appreciate our collaborative approach, first with them to develop and revise strategies for remedying issues, and then with others to negotiate solutions that resolve disputes before they escalate into litigation.

And they count on us to aggressively defend their rights and interests when necessary. We initiate lawsuits on behalf of our association clients against unit owners and occupants to enforce rules and policies, to resolve nuisances, and to collect assessments and fines through eviction actions when required. In addition, we resolve disputes involving contractors involving a wide variety of claims.