Business Planning and Counseling
The lawyers in Stahl Cowen's Business Planning and Counseling practice help clients – entrepreneurs, startups, emerging growth companies, and established businesses – set up and run their companies, plan for the future, respond to unforeseen events, and more.

Our lawyers regularly serve as outside general counsel, advising on all of the company's business and legal needs, from financing and tax, to real estate, succession planning, and the resolution of formal and informal disputes. We draft contracts and agreements with distributors, we hire workers and engage independent sales personnel, and we negotiate licensing and joint venture agreements.

And we help the companies we represent look beyond their current situation to set growth objectives and business goals, identify steps and changes to achieve them, and implement practical, focused plans that allow them to realize their ambitions.

Choice of Entity

Clients rely on our insight and guidance when choosing business structures that best align with the nature of their business, their short- and long-term business plans and financial objectives, their tolerance for risk, and a wide range of other factors. Each type of entity – partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, corporations (including S, C, and benefit corporations), non-profit and charitable organizations, and others – comes with its own set of pros and cons, and our attorneys have significant experience helping clients choose the entity that is right for their business plan and goals.

Operational Issues

Our business lawyers work closely with our clients on a broad range of operational matters to protect their legal rights, ensure they meet obligations, and provide sound business and legal perspective to avoid costly and unnecessary legal mistakes. We have particular strengths helping companies experiencing rapid growth or decline keep sight of critical legal priorities, such as contracts, agreements, and other arrangements with suppliers, distributors, and retailers that could have lasting effects on the financial and business performance of the company.