Title Insurance
The lawyers at Stahl Cowen help title insurance companies and agents, as well as their customers and insureds – from home owners to corporations and financial institutions – protect their real property interests and resolve title-related disputes.

Our significant experience in the industry means that we have an intimate understanding of the title insurance business and its risks, rewards, and opportunities. That familiarity allows us to work collaboratively with underwriters to manage risk and resolve title claims, and with title agents to make informed decisions based on legal principles applicable to their title examinations, underwriter relationships, and regulatory compliance.

As retained counsel, we regularly resolve disputes over such matters as lien priority and validity, title ownership, equitable and conventional subrogation, easements, property boundaries, and mechanic’s and judgment lien claims. As corporate counsel, we analyze and litigate policy coverage, seek to minimize exposure to risks such as wire and title fraud, address agent liability and defalcations, and recover losses from E&O carriers, bankruptcy estates, and other sources of funds. In each case, our extensive experience enables us to get right to the heart of the matter without having to learn the law at our clients’ expense.

Partners Ron Damashek and Melissa Lettiere are recognized leaders in the title insurance community. They are active in the ABA – TIPS Title Insurance Litigation Committee and in ALTA’s Title Counsel Committee, where they frequently participate in, and present at, educational programs on legal developments and best practices that impact their representation and their clients’ contractual, ethical, and regulatory obligations.

In addition, Stahl Cowen regularly furthers our clients’ interests, and those of the broader real estate community, through ongoing representation of the Illinois Land Title Association in lawsuits of significant importance to the industry and the public, including injunction actions to prevent official misconduct and amicus briefs to address issues of industry-wide concern.