Health Care
Keeping up with the rapid evolution of the health care industry – while continuing to practice medicine and provide world class care – demands agility, innovation, and vision. And it requires practical legal and business advice to navigate regulatory constraints, execute deals, and protect assets. That's why medical providers – community hospitals, physician practices, laboratories, and counsellors – frequently turn to Stahl Cowen's health care lawyers for practical guidance on all of their business activities.

We help establish businesses and reorganize existing companies to meet changing objectives and external pressures. We draft and negotiate contracts with hospitals, medical practices, and vendors, then resolve disputes as needed. We ensure compliance with anti-fraud and anti-kickback rules, Medicare and Medicaid requirements, and the Stark Law, and defend our clients when regulators challenge their practices and procedures.

And we help our clients protect assets and increase profitability in today's state of continuous change, where medical science regularly outpaces the delivery of services, creating unique challenges and opportunities.

For example, we recently helped a medical product company raise the $5 million in capital it needed to thrive and increase market share in a highly competitive sector. Also, we successfully sold a client's genetic testing business to a consortium of three private equity firms.

In addition, we help an increasing number of health care tech companies as well as traditional industry participants – providers, hospitals, device makers, laboratories, and others – navigate a broad range of technology-related matters, including data privacy under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal and state regulations, data usage and licensing, fraud and abuse, and data security and breaches, to name but a few.