Agriculture and Food
Stahl Cowen helps the food and agriculture industry structure and effect deals, finance activities, and put food on the table of consumers around the country.

We guided one of the Midwest's preeminent producers of dairy and whey protein ingredients for the industry through its transformation from an Illinois dairy farm to an international entity poised to provide innovative solutions for the future, across the food industry. We converted an organic farming operation into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that, as a Public Benefit Corp and B Corp, acquires farmland, transforms it into an organic operation, and leases the land to organic farmers.

We have helped plan, structure, and successfully negotiate acquisitions for a large publicly-traded nut and orchard company for which we also provide a broad range of corporate legal advice.

And we work with countless other businesses active in the industry – trucking and shipping companies, banks and financial institutions, investor groups – to improve operations, make investments, raise money through securities offerings, implement technical and process innovations, manage risks, plan for the future, and solve a wide range of business and legal problems for large and small businesses in a rapidly "growing" sector.