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2018: WHAT A YEAR!

Your attorneys at Stahl Cowen Crowley Addis had a wonderful 2018. On the legal front, properties were purchased; companies were bought, sold and expanded; lawsuits were won and favorably settled; capital was raised and lenders’ rights were protected. On the personal side, the Stahl Cowen family grew; a lot of great charitable work was performed; 5K and 10K races were completed; golf tournaments were won; and even some monster fish were caught! All in all, 2018 was a marvelous year and we thank you for allowing us to serve your legal needs.


Stahl Cowen’s banking and finance team of Rob Mintz, Lauane Addis, Tim Fitzgerald, Alexandria Seydel and Sim Tilton successfully handled over $2 billion of loans in 2018. We helped structure and then negotiated, documented and closed on a wide variety of interesting deals, including:

  • $250 million revolving credit facility on behalf of a five bank consortium to one of the United States’ largest garment industry players.
  • $67 million loan on behalf of two participating banks to one of the country’s top ten largest alternative finance companies (check cashing, fund transfers and the like).
  • $5 million construction loan to one of Chicago’s most prestigious and heralded private golf clubs. Stahl Cowen banking attorneys worked diligently and collaboratively with borrower’s attorneys to overcome several complex challenges. FORE!

Our lender clients tell us that they appreciate our prompt attention; friendliness; and fair billing practices. We, in turn, appreciate the confidence and continued engagement with them!


A group of several northwest suburban commercial properties were in technical, but not payment, default on its loan due to a guarantor breach. The hedge fund lender had been litigating the problem for over three years. Stahl Cowen litigation partner Andrew Eres stepped in, quickly cut a deal with the lender, and joined forces with the Stahl Cowen real estate team headed by Jeff Stahl to raise new capital and replace the old lender. The client and its investor were ecstatic with the results.


2018 was another extremely active year for Stahl Cowen real estate attorneys Jeff Stahl, Tom Moffitt, and Becky Vicario with transactions throughout the United States.

  • Five steel fabrication industry plants in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana with over 1,300,000 square feet of space were transferred in an $80 million sale-leaseback transaction.
  • Zoning, entitlements, demolition, acquisition, financing and leasing all successfully accomplished for a large mixed-use commercial development in the Chicagoland area.
  • Acquisition and dispositions of multiple retail shopping centers throughout the United States.


The firm’s corporate lawyers had a very busy year as well with numerous capital raises, financings, acquisition and sales, both domestically and abroad.

  • Merger by a U.S. high technology company with an Australian investment company.
  • $5 million series seed preferred equity financing for an alcoholic beverage industry optimization business.
  • Acquired two software companies for an India-based conglomerate with over $9 million of combined value.
  • Sold a major AM radio station in New York.
  • Acquired over $180 million of steel industry companies in the steel industry throughout the Midwest.


Litigation is one of Stahl Cowen’s strongest departments, with Ron Damashek, Jon Cohen, Andrew Eres, Jeremy Kreger, Melissa Lettiere, Kevin Hunt and Bruce Dopke each protecting our clients and skillfully asserting their rights in civil and bankruptcy courts.

  • A company’s bankruptcy filing is usually a no-win proposition for the lender. However, Ron and Bruce were able to pry away 30 properties from a bankruptcy trustee to enable our bank client to obtain a substantial recovery.
  • Jon, Jeremy and Kevin handled numerous cases that defended against employment discrimination and harassment claims, upheld noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements and proved that individuals were independent contractors vs. employees.
  • Melissa and Ron resolved numerous real estate disputes, overcoming title challenges to allow mortgagees to foreclose, preserving property interests in the face of tax sales, and obtaining a significant recovery following payment on a title claim.


Did you know that we:

  • Fished in over 15 lakes throughout the U.S.
  • Skydived in California
  • Competed weekly in sailboat races in Lake Michigan
  • Ran 5k, 10K and half marathons
  • Won a flight in a golf club championship. And, member – guest tournament. And, a flight in senior club championship. Is Rob playing too much golf?
  • Served on charity boards and attended many, many, many board meetings
  • Spoke at multiple legal conferences and in front of bar association committees
  • Gave birth to two baby boys!!